Last night former President Bill Clinton did his part to keep his wife out of the country.  Last night Clinton gave a glowing endorsement of President Obama.  Face it, if Obama loses, Hillary Clinton will probably loose her job as Secretary of State and she and Bill will then possibly have to play house.

I have to hand it to Clinton he delivered an incredible speech and it seemed as though no teleprompter was involved.  A 50 minute speech crafted by the silver tongued devil who may or may not have believed everything he said.  Imagine if he had chosen acting instead of politics.  He could have been the next Ronald Reagan or the next Clint Eastwood at those times in film history.  Anyway, back to my original statement I think Bill Clinton gave the speech of his political life for a couple of reasons that have nothing to do with the good of the country or even Barack Obama's reelection.  I think Hillary Clinton has realized she probably will never be considered as a presidential candidate but she loves being in the limelight of politics.  Her position as Secretary of State is about as high up the political ladder she will ever climb and she wants to stay there as long as possible.  President Obama wants Hillary out of any campaign and he wants her out of his limelight so therefore he's glad to keep her as far away as possible.  Bill on the other hand is enjoying his role as senior statesman and certainly enjoying Hillary's time out of country.  Bill Clinton figured he could use his oratory skills to kill two birds with one speech.  Keep Hillary employed for four more years as Barack Obama's Secretary of State and leave him alone at home or wherever.

If President Obama doesn't win reelection I bet that Cheshire Cat grin will be wiped off Bill Clinton's face by the end of January 2013 when Hillary moves back to their humble New York estate.  The good news for both Bill and Hillary is that the mansion is large enough so they probably can function there without having to ever see each other face-to-face.