Recent news had Kelly Clarkson, American Idol winner in Season 1 telling people who she preferred for President in the 2012 election.  She said that she likes Ron Paul.

Regardless of her selection in the race, it got me to wondering what qualifies her as an expert.  She has been the winner of a contest that is based mostly on popularity, much like Congressman Paul.  Other than that, she is an entertainer and Ron Paul is a doctor and politician.  She spends her time writing songs and singing in a pleasant way that makes people want to buy her latest album.  I have nothing against her and wish her all the success in the world, but it makes me think about the times that celebrity after celebrity have come out and said they support this or that candidate.  Oprah Winfrey comes to mind with her endorsement of Barack Obama in 2008 and Chuck Norris with his nod to Mike Huckabee in the same election.

We are as much citizens of this nation as those that entertain us.  While I don't fault a celebrity for their viewpoints whatever they may be, I don't think we need to let their opinion affect ours in the least.  We are people with minds of our own that can decide who we like and don't like in an election.  I am as qualified as anyone else to find out who I support simply by doing my homework and figuring out who shares my views.  While Ms. Clarkson may be a very well read and well versed person, I don't know her personally so if I were even a fan of her, which I am not, I would not place extra store by her opinion just because she sings well.

It's something to keep clear in mind as we begin to think about who we support for President.  Will I listen to what my favorite singer or sports figure thinks or will I decide for myself what I think?  I know my answer and if you think it through, the answer for you is as equally clear.