Usually Governor Bobby Jindal is the subject of the state's "Where's Waldo" game but this week Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne is.  Dardenne is on a ten day mission to France and Belgium leading a delegation of education and economic development  leaders in an effort to strengthen business and cultural ties to our state.  Dardenne's mission seems like a great idea doesn't it?  If it's such a great idea to strengthen cultural ties can someone tell me why Gov. Jindal gutted CODOFIL's budget?  Due to Jindal slashing CODOFIL's budget a major fundraising effort was mounted in which $100,000 was raised.  I'm thrilled the money was raised but I find it embarrassing to have private citizens donate money to save a state funded program that has done so much for the state.  People worldwide became aware of CODOFIL's plight through the internet so I'm sure some of those same people who donated money are wondering if anybody in the state capitol knows what the person in the next office is doing.

In my mind it's the state saying we don't think the French language and culture are of any value...but the Lt. Governor and a delegation of God knows how many are on the way to France and French speaking Belgium to beg for business.  At what cost is Jay Dardenne and this delegation going to Europe to strengthen cultural ties?

With our French Immersion program and CODOFIL's efforts we can send countless numbers of well educated young business people to France instead of governments hacks who probably need translators to order wine and cheese.

The money that is being wasted on this trip by Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and his delegation could probably have funded CODOFIL and French Immersion in our schools for years.

This is another case of "Where's Waldo" and why is he wasting our money there.