After taking another beating in a group of Republican primaries, it appears that the Gingrich campaign is finally getting the message.  It just might be time for Newt to get on with something other than running for President.

Even when Mr. Gingrich came through Lafayette, it was clear that his campaign was going nowhere.  His rally, held at the same place that Rick Santorum held his, was sparsely attended.  People had largely given up on his run for President and most people had come to the conclusion that he was no longer viable several weeks before he did.

Now, after losing in, of all places, Delaware, the former Speaker of the House is mulling over his future and aides are saying that he will announce the suspension/end of his candidacy next Tuesday.  My question for Newt is why wait?  What is the advantage to hanging around for another week while everyone continues to ignore you and focus on Mitt Romney?  For many weeks it has been clear that Mr. Gingrich's run was less about the Presidency and more about his own thoughts about himself.  He said time and again that he would have a shot at the nomination when they had a brokered convention.  Since that time, Rick Santorum stepped aside and Mitt Romney began showing a strength that no one thought he had.

The other interesting rumor floating around is that Newt will endorse Mitt Romney.  Given everything that he has said about the former Massachusetts Governor, you can imagine that going well.  Something like, "well, if it has to be him, okay, I'm on board.  But I don't have to like it."  Any way you look at it, it brings to an end officially a campaign season that has been full of interesting events and Republicans saying and doing crazy things.  Now we turn to a general campaign where Obama will be found saying crazy things.  If you doubt that, take a look at his fight with Mitt Romney over dogs, whether it be caging them on top of a car or eating them.

Still, one wonders why Newt Gingrich must wait before making an announcement.  We all knew it was coming, so regardless of when it comes, it will be a really big non-story.