Defense attorneys have an obligation to clients to present the best possible defense but lawyers for Pfc. Bradley Manning are building a great smoke screen.
Manning is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of sensitive documents to WikiLeaks the Obama Administration says threatened valuable military and diplomatic sources.  Attorneys for Manning claim the information did not pose any risk.

Lawyers for Manning go on to claim that he was suffering from “gender-identity disorder”.  Since when does a “gender-identity disorder” cause a person to become so mentally unstable that the person endangers the lives of American soldiers?  Furthermore if that disorder causes him to the endanger lives why should he be spared appropriate punishment?

When accepting any military position that requires a security clearance a person signs a document stating his or her understanding that any “leak” has judicial consequences up to and including death.  Manning signed that document before he was cleared to handle secure information so he was aware of the consequences.  I think this “gender-identity disorder” is just a ploy to let a criminal wage war against our nation.