According to a Reuters article, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is still considering running for the White House and will make the definitive decision this week.  Sources are saying that he is still leaning against jumping in at this point, but he is still open to it.

Some would say that he would be damaged by jumping into the contest at this point in the game.  After so many denials, it's bound to cause some trouble and show him going back on his word.  I think otherwise.  I believe that he would be in a position to say that the need for him to run was greater than his desire to stay out.  He could add that many have come to him and appealed on behalf of party and country to get him in the game.  Many people would be especially forgiving for many reasons, not least of which would be the desire to see Governor Christie nail President Obama to the wall in debates before the election.  In addition, his plain-speaking style would appeal to many of the Tea Party set that like to hear someone tell it like it is.

I personally don't expect him to jump into the race, but if he does, there shouldn't be that much of a problem for him.  It would mean more trouble for current front-runners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney in the polls, but I can't imagine anyone being too upset to see Chris Christie's hat in the ring.