The high school football playoffs were split in 2013, giving the LHSAA nine total champions as opposed to the previous five.

The splitting of public and private schools was overwhelmingly approved in 2013 and overwhelmingly kept in place in 2014. But that doesn't mean there hasn't been a call by many to fix this new playoff system.

According to, two proposals and a possible amendment have been put forth to improve the LHSAA football playoffs.

Matt Vines from The Times lays out these proposals:

  • A proposal that would create a Class 6A, championed by three northeast Louisiana principals, would bring the association back together with an option for select schools to play up in Class 6A.

    Class 6A would include the state's largest 32 schools, but a select school would have to play up in all sports and not just football. The select schools would face an enrollment multiplier of 1.5 under the proposal.

  • Another proposal suggests to recombine Classes 5A and 4A and keep Classes 1A-3A separate. That proposal was written by the School Relations Committee.

    The select schools would play in two divisions while Classes 1A-3A would have three nonselect championships, reducing the number football championships from nine to seven. Select schools could choose to play up into any higher class or division.

  • A third proposal, which was not submitted in time to make this year's agenda but could be voted on as an amendment, suggests that select schools play for three division titles and that nonselect schools play for four championships.

Whether any of these proposals will be considered, much less pass a vote, or be tabled will be made official on Friday at the LHSAA Business Meeting.

There is also proposals to split the boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball and softball championships. That is being put forth by Many principal Norman Booker III.

We will also find out what teams, if any, will be reclassified in meetings on Thursday.