William Bouvay Jr. is accused of using a cell phone that police say was traced to him to call in the bomb threat on September 17.

Bouvay is being held without bond at the West Baton Rouge Parish Prison. He has been indicted on two federal charges: one count of willfully conveying false information concerning the attempt to destroy property by means of explosives and communicating false information of a planned bombing on school property. The latter charge is being tried in the 19th Judicial District Court, where he also is targeted for probation revocation on his guilty plea to a charge of domestic abuse/battery.

Bouvay was arrested just days after he made the alleged call, which police say was done on Skysail Avenue in Baton Rouge, where authorities say they found Bouvay. Police say Bouvay eventually confessed to making the call and told them where they could find the cell phone he used to make the bomb threat.

Bouvay faces up to 30 years of total prison time on the two charges. His trial will be in December.