Carol Ross and Warren Caudle joined Rob and Bernie this morning for another episode of Wingin' it Wednesday.

Tuesday's presidential primaries have made the path to the presidency a little clearer for both the Denocrats and Republicans. Carol and Warren shared their takes this morning on the GOP race and why it was a good idea for Sen. Marco Rubio to take his hat out of the race. Yes, they agreed on that one!

A new plan proposed by Gov. John Bel Edwards could make starting a charter school within the state easier. Carol and Warren discussed how Louisiana's, and the nation's, education system need to be changed. Both in their own terms, of course.

The panel also shared their opinions on raising minimum wage, which is a measure that has made its way to the governor's desk.

With only a  preliminary announcement having been made (at the time) concerning Obama's Supreme Court nomination, Ross and Caudle also touched briefly on a possible nominee.