On this week's edition of Wingin' It Wednesday, panelists Carol Ross and Warren Caudle discussed topics including the recent Facebook conservative news scandal, federal spending, TOPS legislation and the LPSS budget.

First, the panel discussed the Facebook scandal where conservatives alleged the Facebook organizers of burying articles with right-leaning content. Of course, the social medium's administrators denied the allegation, but Carol Ross said it has happened to her.

Next, the panel tackled issues of exorbitant federal government spending on ridiculous research topics. Click on the photo above to hear some of the absurd amounts of money that are being spent on things like bee sting research and dinosaur track meet studies.

Finally, Caudle and Ross considered topics concerning education. The Lafayette Parish School System and state legislators are considering budgets with big shortfalls in the near future. Locally, the School Board will consider a budget proposal to cover a deficit reaching $10.4 million. In Baton Rouge, legislators are attempting to fund the TOPS program despite a $600-million budget gap.