On this week’s Wingin’ It Wednesday, panelists Mike Stagg, Warren Caudle, and Carol Ross joined Rob and Bernie on ‘Acadiana’s Morning News’ to discuss last night’s GOP presidential debate, the Louisiana gubernatorial debate, and how Lafayette has changed since the shooting at The Grand 16 Theatre in Lafayette.

1. Fox Business Network hosting the debeate, starting at 8 p.m. central. Was there a clear winner in Tuesday night's Repbulican Presidential debate? What topic did you find the most interesting that the candidates debated?

Carol Ross opened the discussion:

I think the whole format was so much better. It became clear over the period of the debate, the moderators They did a really good job at trying to get at the economy. I don’t think there was a clear winner. Marco Rubio has the edge, and Carlie Fiorina scored some big points. It was clear to me that anybody on that stage would be way better than what we have now and what we have on the other side.

Mike Stagg took issue with Carol’s final statement:

Ben Carson, Donald Trump, it’s a fact free debate. It’s a reality show, there’s no substance. Half are clowns and the others are quitting. There’s not a presidential candidate in that crowd. Is ‘baby Bush’ going to stay in the race? It’s comedy, it’s entertainment, it’s not public policy debate.’

Warren Caudle commented on Bush's suggested Iraq solution:

My issue was that the media is trying to say that Bush and Rubio scored these great points. My problem is the points that Bush scored is horrible and horrendous when he says we need to insititute a no fly zone in Iraq. What are we going to do next? Who is that no fly zone targeting? Trump was more right when he said we should be thanking the Russians for kicking the hell out of ISIS. He [Bush] doesn’t even know what the end of a gun looks like.

2. Was there a clear winner in Tuesday night's gubernatorial debate on LPB?

Mike Stagg opened the discussion:

All the coverage ended up being about the end of it. Clearly, the concerns people have about Vitter go beyond what everyone’s talking about. The most disturbing thing Vitter said was that he’s very 'hands on.' Well, Jindal is a control freak and has his fingerprints on everything and ran us into the ditch. There’s no real difference between Vitter and Jindal from a policy standpoint. My concern that he did nothing to allay last night was that what he’s done with the private investigators, what do you think he’s going to do with the Louisiana State Police?

Warren Caudle didn't watch but responded to Mike's statement about Jindal:

I had no inclination to watch it because I didn’t think anything would come from it that would change my mind one way or another. I do want to challenge what Mike said about Jindal being a control freak. That’s the most absent control freak I’ve ever seen in my life. I believe he has allowed his people to go out and there and out-liberal Mike and his group by having government control every little aspect that they can.

Carol Ross closed the topic out:

I would say there was no clear winner, nobody scored a mortal wound. The Democratic party in this case is a one or two trick pony [when criticizing Vitter]. 'You cheated on your wife, and you’re too much like Jindal.' The one has been proven and he’s admitted to and the other, I don’t think he’s like Jindal in a lot of ways. He pays attention to his base, his voters. John Bel Edwards is going 'to dance with the one’s that brung him,' namely the unions and the trials lawyers. And when you owe them, you owe them big time. Vitter’s voting record has been conservative and that’s what people want. And if the Republicans want to mess up the state of LA, those who are talking about Edwards being conservative or moderate, get a grip.

Click on the image above to listen to the rest of the segement, including the panel's can't - miss discussion of how Lafayette has changed since the Grand 16 shooting.