'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' hosted 'Winging It Wednesday' and as usual we had some spirited discussions.  When asked how the panelists felt about the nomination of former Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, Warren Caudle said,

This is one of the only decent nominees that President Obama has put forth...Chuck Hagel is certainly not the wild-eye crazy many would like to portray him as.  I think he's got some common sense and opposes some of the war mentality that exists in this country and certainly in Washington.

Surprisingly Mike Stagg agreed with Warren Caudle,

I think it's always good to have someone in a position of authority dealing with the military that actually has experience in the military.

Carol Ross on the other hand disagreed with both Caudle and Stagg,

Hagel is political hack, inside the Beltway kind of person.  In 2002 he voted for the resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq then when it became unpopular he recanted and argued against the surge.

We also discussed:

  • A new program to be instituted by the Lafayette Parish School System whereby student-mothers will be allowed to bring their children to school with them.  The parent will work towards a high school diploma while learning child-rearing skills.
  • Senator Harry Reid's comments regarding Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina

Listen to the entire show: