On Winging It Wednesday today Carol Ross, Mike Stagg and Raymond "La La" Lalonde had different opinions on Arizona's Immigration Law and voter identification but seemed to agree on Mitt Romney's religion.  Mike Stagg said that "immigration is a federal responsibility so Arizona's law is not needed.  Raymond Lalonde agreed with Stagg about immigration control being a federal responsibility but he said "the federal government is not living up to it's responsibility" so Arizona should do what it must to protect state resources.  Carol Ross said "the Arizona law tracks federal law" but the federal government is not enforcing the law.  Ross said there are four areas of the law the Supreme Court could rule on and this will have far-reaching implications for other border states.

Mitt Romney's religion is being brought into the Presidential race with Carol Ross, Raymond Lalonde and Mike Stagg agreeing it should not be a factor in the election.

Voter ID's seemed to bring up the most contention among our panelists and you can listen to the entire program:

Winging It Wednesday: