Today on 'Winging It Wednesday' our panelists were Warren Caudle, Mike Stagg and filling for Carol Ross was Joyce Linde of the TEA Party of Acadiana.  Answering our first question about the recall election in Wisconsin Warren Caudle said,

"Walker brought common sense to Wisconsin.  He said 'we're in dire straits we've got to do something.'  Then he went in and did something for the state."

According to Mike Stagg,

"Walker's problem was, he implemented a program he did not run on.  He claimed a mandate he did not have."

Linde said,

"The TEA Party is in a celebratory mood.  The TEA Party is alive and well"!

Topics discussed today included:

  • Based on  yesterdays recall election in Wisconsin how do you think the Presidential election will be effected.   The November duel for the White House between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is five months away, but the battleground state of Wisconsin may provide a preview of what is to come.
  • Walker, a Republican who only came into office 18 months ago, has come under fire for stripping most public unions of their collective bargaining rights in an effort to cut the state's $3.6 billion budget shortfall.
  • The lead House Republican investigating Operation Fast and Furious, Rep. Darrell Issa yesterday, said senior Justice Department officials had specific information that their federal agents were using controversial "gunwalking" tactics.
  • Justice Department officials have consistently denied that was the case. But in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Issa revealed that he has reviewed sealed wiretap applications in the case, which were signed off on the authority of Holder's Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer. Issa wrote Holder "having seen the wiretap applications, we now know that the information coming from the (Justice) Department has been misleading. That must stop."
  • ( From CBS News) Vice President Joe Biden has left the door open on a run for the presidency and his wife made sure it was still propped ajar.  In an interview Tuesday with NBC, Dr. Jill Biden said "Joe would make a great president."
  • Asked if this year's race for President Obama's re-election would be the last time she would hit the campaign trail on behalf of her husband, Jill Biden said she takes things "one campaign at a time."

Listen to the interview: