Today on 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' our 'Winging It Wednesday' panelists discussed drug cartels, the recent massacre of civilians in Syria along with the world's reaction and the possibility of airline price hikes for designated seating.

In addition we asked our panelist for their opinions on women serving in the military in a combat capacity.  Mike Stagg said,

"I have no problem with the idea as long as women can do the job they are given.  I think what you want is the best team on the ground or in the air".

The complete rundown of topics included:

  • Mexican authorities recently raided a factory on the U.S. border where drug cartels were allegedly manufacturing copies of Mexican military uniforms.  The Mexican Navy said that an unnamed cartel was making the copies to "discredit" the Mexican Marines, who have been battling the cartels. Drug gangs have used fake uniforms in the past to impersonate the military and carry out murders and hijackings.
  • The United States and seven other countries yesterday announced they were expelling Syrian diplomats in a coordinated move reflecting the international outrage about a massacre in the town of Houla.  A U.N. official said it's "clear" that Syrian government forces were involved in the massacre, which left more than 100 people dead, nearly half of them children.
  • Airlines may soon start charging extra for window or aisle seats.  This will make it impossible to sit next to family members unless you pay extra.

Listen to the interview: