Who are these Chechnya people and why did you do this?

I would like to offer my opinion on the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. As it turns out they are apparently brothers from Chechnya or of Chechnya heritage.

Chechnya is a region in southern Russia that is mostly Muslim. They have a long history of rebellion against the Russian government and then the Soviet Union and then back to the Russian.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union several of the “independent republics” in the southern region such Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and others were allowed to secede form the control of Russia and become their own country. Chechnya was denied their request to leave and a rebellion in that region has been going on ever since.

Most of the rest of the world and in particular the United States viewed the Russian government’s resistance to the Chechnyan movement as just being that of a bully.

Very few understood it in the real sense that it is simply being another movement to replace one government with Muslim theocracy modeled on the order of modern day Iran.

The Bush administration actually seemed to support the Chechnya rebellion.

George Bush publicly scolded Putin for using force in the Chechnya region and said, “Putin and the Russian government should negotiate with them.”

Putin was shocked at that remark and it came at a time we had invaded Iraq and Afghanistan; he countered by asking the question of “why doesn’t Bush negotiate with the bastards?” He said, “Why doesn’t Bush invite Bin Laden to the White House for lunch and talk things over.”

I said years ago and I say it again that we should have supported Russia in their struggle and invited them to help us in our efforts with the radical Islamist.

I certainly stopped short of saying we should have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan but once we did we should have paid the Russians to join in and help us.

Perhaps I should write a book about that. It might educate the world as to just how inept and corrupt our foreign policy and senior military personnel actually are.

The Boston Marathon bombing act may actually turn out to back fire and become one of the most stupid acts of terror committed, because it might now bring to light that the problems inside Russia with Chechnya is actually the same struggle that is going on in the Middle East. That is something the rest of the world has never understood.

Most of the rest of the world has seen these acts and conflicts as being between Islamic nations and their adversaries. Their adversaries being the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the United States of America.

But in fact the hard core radical Islamist want to see the destruction of all governments and the whole world united under the rule of Islamic religion like Iran.

We need to bear in mind, and I have reminded people of this for some time now, that Iran was the first country in the world that over threw its government and replaced it with religion.

Having religion ruling countries instead of governments is nothing new. For centuries the Roman Catholic Church ruled much of Western Europe and Islam, the Ottoman Empire ruled the Middle East and much of Eastern Europe.

Within the last seventy-five or so years there has been an alignment between countries based on the two opposing factions, the Free World (Democratic Capitalist) and the Communist world. Of these two groups the United States was the dominant member of the free world and the Soviet Union was the dominant member on the Communist side.

When it came to the Middle East each side wanted the governments to control the countries and not the religion. However, I think each side respected the Muslim religion and their customs and culture. Each side had their favorite rulers in different countries and tried to keep them in power because we believed that they looked after our interest.

The USA and free world had the Shah in Iran, the royal family in Saudi Arabia, Saddam Hussein in Iraq etc. The Soviet Union had as their friends Nasser in Egypt, Assad in Syria etc.

To this day so many people still view the relationship of whom the ruling party in the different Middle Eastern countries are aligned with as the most strategic balance of security. They fail to see that world domination is the goal of fundamental Islam. Either they fail to recognize and understand it or they just plainly believe that world domination is such a goal that is completely out of reach for a religion such as Islam, therefore it cannot become a threat to any major region or country in the world. That thought process, I believe, is in error.

That is why today there is so much confusion in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria and elsewhere, confusion that causes countries like the U.S. to back one group only to see them as our adversary just a few months or years later. The same thing happens with the Russians.

Some of that confusion is seen in the way that the United States helped the Taliban in Afghanistan because they were the enemy of the USSR. The Soviet Union and now Russia was friends with the ruler of Syria’s, Hafez al-Assad and now his son Bashar as-Assad. We, the USA, seem to be backing the overthrow of Assad in Syria on no other ground than the fact that his family is and was seen to be friends of the USSR and now Russia.

The incident in Boston is shocking reminder that the saying in the Middle East may also be relevant to other parts of the world – The friend of my friend is my friend and the enemy of my friend is my enemy.

Warren Caudle is a panelist on KPEL's weekly "Wingin' It Wednesday" segment.