Warren Caudle, Carol Ross and Mike Stagg were back in studio to battle again this time about Occupy Wall Street's popularity, Mitt Romney's computer purchases year's back and the payroll tax cut.

 Today's edition of "Winging It Wednesday"  featured our three panelists battling about these issues:

  • Senate Democrats are shifting gears on a plan to extend the payroll tax cut. They're giving up on a plan to lower the payroll tax for businesses and focusing instead on continuing and expanding the existing tax cut for employees. Democrats propose to pay for the cut by increasing the fees lenders charge to government-owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and levying a one-point-nine percent surtax on income over a million dollars.
  • A political skeleton could be creeping out of Mitt Romney's closet. Reuters is reporting Romney spent almost 100-thousand dollars in state money at the end of his term as Massachusetts governor to replace computers in his office. Romney's campaign says he followed the law and also followed precedent in deleting emails and installing new computers in the governor's office, as well as buying new hard drives.
  • The public appears to be growing tired of Occupy Wall Street. Nearly 60-percent of those taking part in an ORC International poll say they've become less interested in the ongoing protest movement over the past couple weeks. In addition, the amount of negative remarks cropping up in social media has grown seven %.