Warren Caudle, Carol Ross and Mike Stagg were back again this Wednesday during "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" for another edition of "Winging It Wednesday".

The three panelists were back to give different viewpoints on current events.  During today's edition, Caudle, Ross and Stagg debated the following issues:

  • Thoughts on the results of the Iowa Caucuses.
  • Iran is out with a warning to the United States: Do not allow the USS John C. Stennis to return to the Persian Gulf. That's the word today from the Islamic Republic's army chief. He says this is only warning that will be given, and if the aircraft carrier does return to its former base in Gulf waters, Iran will not hesitate to take action.A lawsuit accusing the federal government of illegally spying on Americans, with help from AT&T, is alive again. The San Francisco-based court did not comment on the merits of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's lawsuit against the government, according to "Wired.com." In 2006, "Wired" published internal AT&T documents describing a secret room in an AT&T San Francisco office that routes internet and phone communications to U.S. intelligence agencies.