Coming up on the October 22nd ballot will be a measure that voters can accept or decline that would raise the property mills from 33 to 58 to fund the Lafayette Parish Public Schools Systems Master Facilities plan.

The money would be used for the upgrading/maintenance and building of new additions to schools.  The weekly panelists, Warren Caudle, Carol Ross and Mike Stagg joined us to weigh in on the issue.  Each Wednesday morning they join us for "Winging It Wednesday" as part of "Mornings With Ken and Bernie", and today Warren Caudle and Carol Ross agreed that much scrutiny should be given to the proposal, while Mike Stagg says he believes the measure should be passed.

One reason Carol Ross does not like the idea of this tax proposal is that she feels it will add a significant tax amount to both homeowners and business people in the form of property taxes as the mills will go from 33 to 58.


Caudle says he believes school officials should be concentrating their money and other resources in finding the best teachers to teach in our parish schools.