Warren Caudle, Carol Ross and Mike Stagg were back today to battle about topics during another edition of "Winging It Wednesday" on "Mornings With Ken and Bernie".


The three panelists had very different opinions and a few common threads about the following topics:

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is saying she hopes North Korea will follow the "path of peace" in the wake of leader Kim Jong-il's death.  Mrs. Clinton is urging North Korea to work with the international community and improve how it interacts with its neighboring countries.  She added that "The United States stands ready to help the North Korean people and urges the new leadership to work with the international community to usher in a new era of peace, prosperity and lasting security on the Korean Peninsula."

    The legislative stalemate over extending payroll tax cuts is frustrating President Obama.  Obama blamed the gridlock on a "faction of Republicans in the House."  He said the "clock is ticking; time is running out."  The so-called payroll tax holiday expires at the end of this month.  Earlier, the House shot down a bipartisan bill approved in the Senate, extending the tax cuts for two months.

    Lawmakers are expected to send President Obama a bill this week that would ease airport security screening for military personnel.  The measure would create separate screening systems at airports for soldiers and their families.  The bill won unanimous approval in the Senate last week and in the House in late November.