Driver Brandon Comeaux (not KPEL's Brandon Comeaux) was driving on Johnston Street on Thursday, traveling with his siblings, who were children, as well as two adults, as they were on their way from a water park. Then, all of a sudden, a van in front of him cuts his vehicle off. His dashcam captures the van then cutting clear across Johnston Street and crashing into oncoming traffic.

"This guy just goes into the oncoming traffic and you hear 'Boom' and...we're scared and freaking out, not knowing what just happened," says Brandon.

Brandon then parked in the turning lane/southbound lane that he says was already blocked by the debris because they didn't want anyone to hit them while they were trying to help the injured. He says no children were left unattended while the adults helped those out at the scene.

Brandon also makes the case for installing a dash cam in your vehicle, especially in dealing with vehicle crashes.

"The way people drive nowadays...protect yourself with a dashcam," says Brandon. "It's a  pretty good investment...It's always good to protect yourself with video proof."

CLICK HERE to watch Brandon's jaw-dropping video! (Warning: NSFW language in video of crash)

CLICK BELOW to listen to Brandon's interview with KPEL's Bernadette Lee and Brandon Comeaux on "The Morning Show."