This day and age, the first place people go after any customer experience is Facebook—which is exactly what this woman did after she attempted to return a coat.

Kelly Kinkel wanted to return a winter coat for a refund, so she reached out to Seattle-based e-commerce company Zulily. She spoke with a customer service rep named Patrick who told her she would receive a refund immediately.

But that's not all.

I asked again how to send it back, and he said, ‘Please don't send it back. If you know someone who needs a winter coat or if you would like to donate it to a charity, that would make us very happy.’ I honestly thought he was kidding. It took me a moment to realize he was completely serious, and then came the tears.

I've had a similar experience when I contacted Fitbit about an issue with my my Charge HR, and I was truly shocked by how great the customer service was. Instead of going through the hassle of returning the Fitbit or filling out any paperwork, they swiftly shipped a new one out to me—no questions asked.

The fact that Zulily took the step to suggest paying the coat forward to someone in need speaks volumes about their brand.

Since posting about her experience on Facebook, Kinkel's story has been shared over 23,000 times.

Head on over to their website and show Zulily some love now.

I sincerely hope this post goes viral, because I just hung up from one of the best customer service experiences of my...

Posted by Kelly Blue Kinkel on Monday, January 4, 2016

[via Huffington Post]