A woman on a flight from Denver to Portland started to freak out, flailing around on the cabin floor and talking about the airplane crashing.

The flight attendant seemed to remain calm (the woman didn't seem to be close to injuring herself or others), and appeared to be letting the situation play out.

I asked a friend who has been a flight attendant for 21 years on a major US airline if the attendant followed proper protocol, and this is was the response:

In my opinion, the passenger was WAY to close to the flight deck - a major security issue no matter what state of mind the passenger was in.  With that being said, I would have never let it get that far.

I definitely would have restrained her, re-seated her next to a window and assigned a volunteer to stay with her. Probably would have had the pilot divert the flight and land (depending on how far we were from destination), and have her arrested. - Experienced Flight Attendant (who asked to remain anonymous)

Some who commented on the video suspect drug use.  What do you think?  Would having someone freak out like this on your flight make you nervous?

The man who posted the video said that after he stopped recording the passenger proceeded to undress completely.

(Youtube/Devin Harman)