When I go to the gym, I am there to walk on the treadmill or swim some laps for exercise.  I never at anytime in my life said to myself, " Self, get a tanning booth with a 15-year-old boy"!  A woman in Oklahoma has been charged with lewd acts with a minor after allegations that she went into a tanning booth at her gym with a 15-year-old boy.  She is further alleged to have stripped and then kissed the boy according to Fox News.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if these allegations are true, this is a another really weird case.  A gym employee tipped the mother off that the kid had gone into the tanning booth.  He said the woman took her clothes off, except for her sports bra, and kissed him.  Betsy Ann Brashear told police that she didn't think kissing someone was illegal!  Uh, lady he is 15!  You are 24!  It is alleged you took your clothes off, except for your sports bra.  Yeah, if it's true, it's illegal!

Wow, what is wrong in this world?  I hope if the allegations are true that this woman gets some serious help, and kudos to the gym worker who went to the woman's mother to explain where the kid went. If you have a problem, get help!!!  Stop targeting kids!! You are a twenty-four year-old woman - get help!!

P.S.  To all people wanting to target kids, keep your hands off our children.  Just stop!!  Everyone is tired of children being victims of crime.