This is like something out of a bad horror movie. It's worse because it's real.

Kelly Blomberg was fishing near Grand Isle on May 12th when something in the water bit her. She cleaned the wound & got a prescription for antibiotics. A week later, things had only gotten worse. The wound had grown, and opened wide.

Ms. Blomberg has since undergone surgery to cut away infected tissue, and a skin graft. WDSU reports she contracted vibrio vulnificus. It's literally a flesh eating bacteria.

The warm salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico are a rich growth medium for dangerous microorganisms. Dr. Obinna Nnedu, of Oschner Medical Center had this warning:  "If you have an open wound and you go into the salt water off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf, you can be exposed to this bacteria. The other way is by eating raw oysters."