The phrase "only in New Orleans" either precedes or proceeds anecdotes, stories, or news items that are guaranteed to amaze, shock, and horrify. And sometimes, even do all three.

This story keeps with that tradition.

A man thought he was in the presence of two women in the room of the Airline Highway motel in New Orleans this past Friday.  Upon making the likely shocking realization that the women were, in fact, men, the man attempted to vacate the premises. It was at this time that a third individual came out of the motel room's restroom, and helped the two men beat and rob the man. The three assailants absconded with the victim's cash, credit cards, and cell phone, police told The Times-Picayune.

One of the suspects, Herbert James Bickham of Marrero, is known to wear women's clothing and wigs while frequenting The Airline Motel. New Orleans Police have not yet revealed how they identified Bickham. Bickham and his accomplices remain at large while the NOPD continues its investigation.