The Louisiana Workforce Commission says the job outlook in Sportsman's Paradise is giving state residents a lot to celebrate on this Labor Day. According to LWC Executive Director Curt Eysink, the labor force in Louisiana is stronger now than ever before.

"Our workforce is bigger than it's been," Eysink said. "I think it's better trained and better equipped than it's been. It's growing as well as it has in a long, long time, and we have a really bright future."

Our workforce is bigger than it's been.

Eysink says government agencies, education leaders on every level and business and industry are at the table to figure out how to make Louisiana's workforce better into the future. He says wages have been growing as fast as the economy here.

"And I think the average take-home pay in Louisiana now is greater than it's ever been," Eysink said.

Eysink says private sector job growth in Louisiana has increased every month for about the last four years. He says more than 2 million Louisianians are working today, which is an all time high.

"We also have a record for the number of jobs, which is approaching 2 million," said Eysink. "Some people work more than one job, so both of those growing together is a really strong indicator of the vitality of our labor markets."