As I sit here in my studio preparing to spend some time with you on the radio I was pondering, " I wonder how many other people are going to have to wake up go to work just like I did"?  If you had to guess, what percentage of the work force will be on the job at sometime today?

According to a Bloomberg study about 41% of employed Americans will be working today. Most of us will either get some comp time off at a later date or be compensated extra for coming in on a holiday. The figures say that 97% of companies will handle Labor Day that way. Let's face it, the stores are open. The hospital isn't closed. The police are doing their jobs. So there are a lot of industries and services that we just can't shut down, even for a day.

America is fast becoming a nation of no vacation. That may be harder to believe than the number of people working today. Statistics show that more and more Americans leave vacation time on the table every year. I know I do. In my case I am far from a workaholic, I just like doing what I do at the radio station. Besides, if I am at home and my wife has the day off then I have to do real work.

If you're working and not being compensated with a day off later or some monetary compensation you are one of the 9%. That's right 9% of Americans are treating this day as if it were just another Monday.  Personally, I would prefer to be the 9% as opposed to the lady or gentleman that is trying to find work.

So, if you are on the job, even if it's just for a few hours thank you. If you are fortunate enough to have the day off and encounter a store clerk, cashier, security officer, or telemarketer who is on the job tell them thank you for working and keeping America's economy moving.