This is a weird story.  Caleche Ranae Manos, who was Miss Nevada for 2007, had a very bad day in November of last year.  The sheriff's deputies from Los Angeles County broke down her front door looking for a suspect, but they had the wrong apartment.  Fox News reports they were looking for apartment "C" and they broke down the door at apartment "A".  It's not good, but they made a mistake right?  Well, Manos is not real happy with what happen after they broke down the door.

She is suing for damages for negligence, false imprisonment and civil rights violations because when they broke down the door, she was in bed with her boyfriend.  She was NAKED.  She was ordered out of bed, and she claims they watched as she got out of the bed.  She says they stayed too long, and they were gawking at her.  Hmmmm, yep I would bet! One deputy even told her she would have a funny story to tell at Thanksgiving.  It's funny, but she didn't think it was funny at all.  I can see her point.  I don't know if I would sue though.  I mean, they made a mistake.  It's wrong on so many levels, but it was a mistake.

The problem in my mind?  They should not have been gawking at her, and really they couldn't have thrown her a robe? You know this is going to settle out of  court because who wants to get on the witness stand, crying, and having to tell your story about this?  I hope they settle early with her because I am sure the courts have much more important work to do.