For me the biggest news story today was about road construction in Youngsville.  I know what a major hassle it will be for nearly a year while work is being done on Bonin Road and Chemin Metairie but once it's completed things have got to be better.  Right?  I certainly hope so.

When we moved to Youngsville 15 years ago traffic was great.  No waiting to get on Highway 89 (the Youngsville Highway) and Highway 92 was a breeze.  Then I guess everybody else realized what a great place Youngsville was to raise a family so everyone moved in.  Traffic just kept getting worse and worse.  Then came the Ambassador Caffery extension and we thought our prayers would be answered....not!  Traffic on 89 is worse than ever.  It takes 5 to 10 minutes to get on to Highway 89 during the morning rush and sometimes 30 minutes to get from Pinhook to Nu Nu's in the evening.

As I said, we thought things would get better with the Ambassador Caffery extension but things seem worse.  Hopefully the work on Chemin Metairie and Bonin Road won't make traffic worse on 89 and 92 while the construction is happening and much better after completion.

It's a shame there's no way to anticipate the type of growth Youngsville has experienced and build the roads before the growth.  I guess it's like the saying goes "build it and they will come"...but in the case of roads you have to get them to move in then you build the roads.

I'm truly looking forward to having better traffic flow in the Youngsville area and willing to put up with the headaches of construction.