After watching this video I had to take a long walk and do some deep calming meditation before I sat down to write this.

How can somebody with 15 children out of wedlock say the things she says in this video.  15 children, 12 of them living with her, 10 of them by the same man that she is "engaged" to.  An "engagement" that produces 10 children!  She thinks her problems did not start until her "fiance" got arrested.

She was getting rent from a government agency, food and furniture from a relief organization and now she's living in motel because she got kicked out of government housing due to the arrest of the father of 10 or her 15 children.  She says somebody needs to help.  She thinks somebody should be held accountable.  I think it's way past accountability time.  She should have been held accountable about 14 children ago!

It's time to put an end to this type of real entitlement thinking.  Please watch the video and then leave a comment to let me know if you think I am being heartless and cruel to think she should be held accountable and these children should be fostered or adopted.

This woman is beyond needing a reality check! I'm sure at some point in her life someone must have told her what causes babies so she should have known what SHE was causing.  She needs to be held accountable but I think it's beyond that.  These children need to be removed from this environment, she should be charged with child endangerment and she and the fathers should be placed in a job training program so they can begin paying their own way in life.

I know I don't live in Florida where these tax dollars are being wasted but I'm sure we have enough cases similar to this in Louisiana.  The first child might be considered a mistake but after that this woman is right someone needs to be held accountable....and it is the mother and father who should be held accountable.