Have you ever thought of what would happen to your Facebook account after you died? Well, now you can assure that it'll be taken care of, and by whom.

Starting today, Facebook users will see a new feature in their settings. Users will have a "Legacy Contact" feature that can be used to select who you would like to control your account after your death.

Unless you want nothing to happen to it. Here are your options:

  • choose a "legacy contact," who would be able to control their accounts after their death
  • choose to have their accounts permanently deleted following death
  • or have the settings remain the same and untouched.

Once Facebook is notified of a users death, their page will be memorialized. On the memorialized page, "Remembering" will be placed above their name. Then, the "legacy contact" will be able to write a post to "pin" to the top of the page, respond to new friend requests, and update the profile and cover photos.

Your "legacy contact" would also be allowed to download an entire archive of all the photos, posts and profile information the individual shared on Facebook.

Choosing someone as a "legacy contact" wouldn't give them access to your actual page. They would not be able to log in as you, or read your private messages.

Have you given your online legacy any thought?