John Delorean was once the youngest division head in the history of General Motors. The Pontiac GTO, and Firebird are among his design credits. Unfortunately, so is the Chevy Vega. Most millennials don't know the history of the Delorean Motor Company. It's a troubled one. The company was founded in 1973. Operations were set up in Ireland, where a civil war was raging. The first DMC-12 didn't roll of the assembly line 'til 1981. By then, the company was $175 million dollars in the hole. Delorean tried by bail it out by trafficking cocaine. He got caught. Production was halted in 1982. Johnny Carson famously joked that he sold his Delorean because it kept snorting up the white line down the center of the road. The first time I saw "Back to the Future", I split a gut laughing when Doc revealed his time machine to Marty. The company has relocated to Houston. Refurbished models are currently available. reports, CEO Stephen Wynne hopes to roll out new models by early 2017.