A new year bring resolutions, promises we make to ourselves, then usually break. If travel is on your agenda in 2017, here are 10 great places to visit right here in the US, from lonelyplanet.com. I've lived in a couple places on this list. The folks at Lonely Planet ranked Asheville North Carolina #1 for its food, art, and proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains. They're clearly favoring sylvan locales, highlighted by mountains, and lush forests. Western Washington comes in at #2. The cradle of my youth, northern New York's Adirondack Mountains come in at #7. The scenery there is breathtaking. When I was in college, visiting city kids said it was like living in a post card. There are 42 peaks that top the 4,000 ft. mark. The fall foliage is spectacular. Winter brings great skiing, and the best snowmobiling in the country. Another place I once called home, Denver, Colorado comes in at #9. Proximity to the Rockies means spectacular scenery, great restaurants, and skiing. Every major music tour stops there. If you like sports, there's NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Here's the complete list.

Get the bags out of the closet & book your travel. Make 2017 the best new year ever!