LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) --The mother of a child who was found near Time Plaza off of Johnston Street has been reunited with her child, according to our news partners at KATC TV-3.

The boy was evidently at his grandparents' house, who live behind Time Plaza, when he wandered off by himself.

The mom told the television station the boy was excited to ride in the back of a police car, and when asked what he would have done if a bad person had gotten to him first, he said he "would've used a sword."

Police had confirmed Monday afternoon that the child was found near the Time Plaza Shopping Center.

The boy, who at the time was  described as about five-years-old with blond hair and green eyes, was found without his parents, said Cpl. Paul Mouton, Lafayaette Police Department spokesperson.

"The kid's fine," Mouton said. "He's in our care at the police department now."

The child is four-year-old, according to his mother.