See this young man? His name is Jarrius, and he's the motivational speaker the New Orleans Saints always needed.

In a recent trip to the Ochsner Health Clinic, some of the Saints players got to meet this dynamic individual. Jarrius has some strict instructions for punter Thomas Morestead ("I want the ball at the one yard line!") and Senio Kelemete and Justin Drescher ("I want you two to hit somebody as hard as you can!"), and they would be smart to follow suit. He looks like he means business.

When Morestead said he should come give them more pep talks, Jarrius said he does it for everybody. You know, no big deal.

Sometimes it's easy to focus on the negative narratives and the gutter storylines, but the NFL and their players do a lot to make an impact in their community. This is just one of many interactions like this that happen in NFL towns all across the country. Take a few seconds to smile, and let Jarrius fire you up.