As much as it pains us to see another human being face difficulty, the pain is even greater when that human being is a child. Hunter Faucheaux, a beautiful little boy living in Youngsville, has struggled since birth with Usher Syndrome. The syndrome, which affects one in twenty people of French Acadian descent, robbed Hunter of his hearing and will affect his vision as he grows older.

Thankfully, however, Hunter (who will be two years old in March) has already overcome his hearing loss through the use of cochlear implants. Akeam Ashford of KATC interviewed Hunter and his parents, Blair and Elise Faucheaux, in a story that is being picked up for national consumption by ABC News. To learn more about Hunter and Usher Syndrome, watch the video below. You can also visit the blog Hunter's parents have created to chronicle Hunter's journey and to educate others about Usher syndrome.