Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter said the city's council took action Thursday night to declare the Chemin Metairie Parkway repairs project an emergency situation.

The emergency declaration will allow the city to get out of the current contract it holds for repairs to the much-maligned roadway, price out potential repairs to the same contractor and others, "to make certain that the repairs that we choose to do was going to be one that was going to be built to last," Ritter said on "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning." The Advocate reported that the move would also allow the council to bypass the public bidding process.

Ritter said an overview of the current contract, which was approved by the previous council and by previous Mayor Wilson Viator, determined that the amounts listed would not be enough to cover the full scope of repairs.

"I would rather not piecemeal it together and have added entities for our constituents," Ritter said. "If we would have allowed this contract to go on, it just simply would not have accomplished what we told the public it would have, but then secondly, it's not what the council was under the impression that it would have accomplished."

Ritter said Chemin Metairie Parkway has been instrumental in the economic development and growth of the City of Youngsville and that it makes Youngsville a "better community." The wide shoulders on the roadway also allow it to be used as a bicycle pathway of sorts, and it provides access to U.S. Hwy. 90.

Chemin Metairie Parway has been plagued with problems since it was first opened. The cost of the repair project for the 2.6-mile roadway is estimated at about $7 million.

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