The Home Owners Association of Copper Meadows in Youngsville wants their neighbors and surrounding subdivisions to be aware of a situation that occurred Monday evening.

Jamey Abshire, with the home owners association, tells KPEL that a seven-year-old girl who was near the Copper Meadows Park Monday around 5 p.m. was approached by a man in a car.

Absire says the girl reported that the man wanted her to get into the car with him.  The girl kept walking quickly to a friend's house, and she later reported the suspicious vehicle to her dad.

Abshire says the incident was reported to Youngsville Police, and he is hoping that by getting the word out about this incident that parents will remember to be "on guard" when it comes to their children.

Abshire says he is hoping to spread the word about this incident for people living in his neighborhood and for the surrounding neighborhoods.