In comparison to the devastating August flooding that south Louisiana experienced, the past few days of rain is just a drop in the bucket.

But this weekend's rains have revealed one similarity with the floods from just 100 days ago--high water in and around the Youngsville community.

Today, at a press conference from Youngsville's City Hall, Mayor Ken Ritter said he and the Youngsville City Council have done their part to improve drainage issues following the August floods.

Ritter said the council adopted a master plan with $8 million worth of drainage improvements and has raised standards for developers to create areas that retain more water.

Ritter spoke with Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin on KPEL's Go Acadiana Monday and said he has met with Mayor-President Joel Robideaux to discuss the what role Lafayette Consolidated Government plays in cleaning up coulees that have filled with precipitation.

"We've got to level with our constituents and let them know we have some tough decisions ahead should we really want to make drainage a higher priority than what it is today." --Mayor Ken Ritter

One simplified fix to the problem that Ritter offers is for LCG to properly maintain parish coulees and laterals where drainage issues are prevalent.

Ritter said this weekend rain gauges at City Hall collected 10 inches of rain within 20 hours. With those rainfall totals, Ritter said, there has been some localized flooding on roads that may have raised eyebrows.

Ritter added, that though he has heard "chatter that the parish is broke," he is open to whatever solutions LCG officials wish to share.