A female coach's nose is broken as Youngsville Police are trying to identify a male coach and three instigating players after a fight broke out after a softball game at the Youngsville Sports Complex on April 21.

Officers say the game Tuesday night was a U16 game between Brown Park and the Broussard/Youngsville Youth Association. Officers say three players (from Brown Park) jumped on top of an opposing player, then a male coach (from Brown Park) punched a female coach (from BYYA) in the nose, breaking it in three places.

Once they are identified, the coach and the three players will face charges.

Youngsville Police, in a press release found on KATC, say the following consequences will be doled out to the accused offenders:

  • Lifetime facility ban on coach who caused injuries
  • U16 visiting softball team from Brown Park Youth Association banned for remainder of the year
  • Brown Park Youth Association teams will be required to pay for one officer per team per game for the remainder of the year at the Youngsville Sports Complex.  Any further misconduct will result in a season ban for all age groups.