As preliminary reports of August's historic flooding in Acadiana were broadcast, flooding in Youngsville was among the top stories.

Once the rains finally stopped, no one could have expected the devastation that was seen throughout the area. But despite that devastation the community rallied with residents and business owners reaching out to aid in recovery.

One of those business owners was Craig Spadoni, proprietor of Bead Busters in Youngsville, joined Rob and Bernie this morning to discuss how his facility was part of the recovery process.

The Beau Busters warehouse served as a distribution site for recovery supplies until this morning when Spadoni said the distribution efforts have met the needs of Youngsville.

Now, the remaining supplies will be sent to other areas in Acadiana where waters have just receded. Spadoni said one of these locations is the Derby Heights Subdivision where recovery efforts were stalled due to lingering flood waters.