Randy Reed of BYYA (Broussard/Youngsville Youth Association) joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss a move by the Lafayette City-Parish government that will apparently revoked the lease of Foster Park in Youngsville.

At the present time Foster Park in Youngsville is leased by the BYYA so we asked Reed to give us some idea of how the park is used.  According to Reed,

T-ball is our largest activity but at this time football is going on with approximately 120 kids using the park for this activity.  The only reason we only have 10 to 12 teams is because we couldn't find enough coaches.

Recently the Lafayette Parks and Recreation Commission notified BYAA by e-mail that Foster Park ownership would be transferred to the City of Youngsville and we asked Reed how this move would affect BYYA.  Reed said,

If we lose Foster Park we will have to find somewhere else for our activities.  We're already preparing for events three months down the road and we have no idea if we will be able to use Foster Park.

When asked if he thought Foster Park and it's activities would be turned over to the new Youngsville Sports Complex Reed replied,

Apparently they're turning over the park to the sports complex.  We contacted the Mayor and he directed us to Tim Robicheaux, the sports complex director and he sent us an e-mail last night agreeing to meet with us.

Reed says BYYA has an immediate concern,

We play football at Foster Park until Thanksgiving weekend and we don't know if we will be able to finish the season there.


You can hear more details by listening to the interview: