A lot of people don't get enough sleep.

Insufficient sleep is unhealthy. It weakens the immune system, affects memory, and mood. It also increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack & stroke.

if you're not getting enough sleep, forget about trying to control your weight. If you have trouble sleeping, the problem might be your bedroom.

A report from bustle.com says there are several factors that people often overlook. Electronic devices like your phone, TV, or tablet can be a problem. The blue light from these devices disrupts circadian rhythms. Clutter contributes to stress, and makes it hard not to think of "to do" lists.

Room temperature is an important factor. your body temperature drops when you go to sleep. Your bedroom needs to be cool enough to allow this. I set my thermostat to 66 degrees at bed time.

If your mattress sucks, that doesn't help.

Then, there's your partner. Are your schedules in sync? Does he or she snore? If either of you snores loudly, it could be sleep apnea. It may a good idea to have a sleep test.

I know from personal experience.