We have all seen it.  A friend posts something that you know they will regret later.  Or maybe it was you, who posted something about work or a friend, not meaning for it to get back to them.  We sometimes forget that the things that we put on Facebook and Twitter are very public and quite permanent.

That was the message that Jaci Russo brought to us on the Afternoon Drive Home.  She said that the choices some people make are just amazing.  Russo said,

I don't have a good professional word to describe the choices that people make that are getting them fired in cities across the country every day.

Russo reminded us that even when you delete a message, these things can still be there and be public.

Russo also reminded people that even though they are one person, they have a brand.  One of the things that people often forget is that things will get back to those that you don't want to have in their hands.

Russo also mentioned that for those that are searching for a job, there are much deeper ramifications to consider.

HR Directors are using that information, not just to determine who to hire, but who to interview.  They start online.  Before they even consider you for an interview, they are going to Google you, they are going to check out your Facebook, they are going to find someone at the company that is friends with you...They are going to look you up on Twitter and LinkedIn, and they're going to know everything about your life.

Russo also mentioned that some companies are asking for login information from applicants so they can look at their information and see everything.

Russo reminded everyone to take a minute and think about it before you comment.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaci Russo below: