Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' we opened the phone lines to comments about the George Zimmerman trial and verdict and received a number of calls.  Our first call from Leslie was rather lengthy and spurred a large number of NewJunkies into calling so we have two audio segments for you today.  The first segment starts with us asking Leslie if she thought Trayvon Martin's civil rights were violated to which Leslie replied,

You know, that's a determination Ken for people much wiser than I, if that definition would apply. But I do think that there's a really profound lack of interest in investigating whether or not this killing was truly justified and one thing that I've noticed and it think it's really indicative of the faulty way we approach these things sometimes is that, why is every presumption given to one side?

You can listen to all of Leslie's comments here:

After Leslie's comments we had a number of other callers with varying opinions and you can hear those comments here: