TikTok isn't just good for life hacks and easy DIY project how-to videos. Sometimes you run across a video that has you laughing so hard you cry. There are also the ones that make you question your own intelligence (I find this the case more often than should be comfortable).

It may just be a video of a 2-year-old boy that probably sounds more like a weed-eater than an actual weed-eater does. This youngster's mom, Alyshia, likely didn't know how many people would adore this cuteness overload.

Talk about starting them young. This little guy is a hoot and might just have a future in the sound effect field.

I would say he's already started his rise to fame seeing as he already has over 3 million views on this video alone. He has everything down pat including the walk.

The comments on the video really make it even funnier. These are just a few of the best ones:

  • "I know he's making the sound but my brain won't let me accept that, it sounds so real"
  • "the restart when he stalled out and the hat tilt, this kid is amazing"
  • "The sounds are great, but the stance and the hate adjustment are what makes it for me!"
  • "Omg he deserves a baby beer after this! (Apple juice I hear is a good one)"

If you didn't think it was believable before, the comments surely speak for themselves. However, there's one comment that is totally unrelated but will have you belly laughing.

"I make the same sounds after Taco Bell"

*Cue funny baby giggle noise*

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