The job market isn’t looking so hot right about now, and COVID-19 is why. With so many people indoors, commerce has slowed to a crawl for many businesses in the retail and hospitality space. Some outlets have even closed up shop for good.

But not every company is struggling under the weight of the pandemic. Amazon, the crowned king of digital retail, has seen a dramatic surge in business and even hired an additional 100,000 workers just to keep up with demand. Tap or click to see what positions they were looking for.

With so few vacant jobs on the market, it’s no wonder Amazon filled all these openings. That was only the beginning, though. The company now plans to add an additional 75,000 workers to its rankings. Here’s what Amazon’s offering, plus, we’ll show you 35 other companies that are hiring right now.

Amazon conquers the coronavirus economy

Amazon was already a powerhouse business before COVID-19 changed the shape of the world. Now, with people relying on delivery more than ever, it’s one of the only companies in the retail sphere actually thriving.

And now, according to a new blog post by the company, Amazon plans to hire an additional 100,000 workers to handle the unprecedented volume of business it’s doing in light of the coronavirus. These include corporate jobs, as well as warehouse and delivery positions across the country.

The company says that these openings are designed to keep people across the U.S. employed for the duration of the crisis. As part of its initiative, it has increased the base pay for warehouse and delivery positions to $15 an hour or more in several U.S. cities.

On top of that, Amazon also pledges to up the safety standards for employees and has altered its paid sick leave policy to cover anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 with two weeks paid benefits.

These jobs can be tough, but they’re some of the most in-demand on the market. If you’re looking for work now, it’s an attractive offer to consider for the time being.

Not just Amazon

Amazon is just one of several companies that are offering jobs in spite of the pandemic. Unlike in the previous economy, most of these positions are work from home jobs that limit your exposure to others, so you can continue to maintain social distancing as needed.

Here’s a sample group of 35 companies that you can apply to work at right now:

  1. Adobe: Creator of photoshop and flash, the company is currently looking for remote workers to help with technical support, business solutions and senior customer support in the healthcare domain.
  2. Aetna: One of the country’s biggest healthcare companies, Aetna is looking for registered nurses, data scientists and social workers who can work remotely.
  3. Amazon: In addition to the warehouse and delivery jobs we mentioned above, Amazon offers several corporate work from home positions including HR administrator, recruiting manager and database solutions architect.
  4. Citizens Bank: One of the largest banks in the country, Citizens Bank is looking for at-home mortgage compliance associates and support consultants. There are also openings for network engineering managers.
  5. Crowdstrike: A premiere cybersecurity firm, Crowdstrike is looking for senior software engineers and technical recruiters, as well as product marketing managers.
  6. Dell: The famous computer brand is expanding its ranks to include new data center sales executives, cybersecurity operatives and infrastructure automation engineers.
  7. Github: An open-source coding platform and social networking site for computer engineers, Gighub is now hiring a range of developmental positions in enterprise infrastructure as well as content writers.
  8. Healthline Media: An online resource for health and wellness information, Healthline Media is now looking for editors, medical reviewers and photo editors.
  9. ICF: A major business consulting firm. ICF is currently hiring children’s services study coordinators and document formatting specialists.
  10. K12: Provider of online education programs for kids of all grade levels, K12 is hiring teachers and special education instructors.
  11. Kelly Services: A staffing agency currently looking to add software engineers, training consultants and administrative assistants to its ranks.
  12. Kforce: Staffing agency currently hiring call-center representatives, accountants and software developers.
  13. LanguageLine Solutions: A provider of language translation and interpretation services, LanguageLine Solutions is hiring Farsi and Japanese interpreters, as well as implementation specialists.
  14. Liveops: Currently hiring call center representatives as well as insurance agents.
  15. Merck: Pharmaceutical company looking for executive-level positions and scientists.
  16. Okta: Software developer now hiring senior management positions and engineers.
  17. Pegasystems: Business management company hiring executive-level positions
  18. Phillips: Major multinational conglomerate hiring leadership positions and supply chain engineers.
  19. PRA Health Sciences: Pharmaceutical-adjacent company hiring data specialists and analyst positions
  20. Randstad: HR and staffing company looking to hire call center representatives and senior positions
  21. Red Hat: Software company looking to fill development roles.
  22. Robert Half International: Major staffing company hiring corporate-level positions.
  23. Salesforce: Developer of cloud-based customer management software. Now hiring sales recruiter and developer positions.
  24. SAP: Enterprise software company hiring leadership and developer positions.
  25. Service Now: Cloud IT service company hiring leadership positions.
  26. Soliant Health: Healthcare staffing company hiring child psychiatrists, teachers for visually impaired students and intervention specialists
  27. Stryker: Medical solutions company hiring recruiters and leadership positions.
  28. Syneos: Medical company now hiring research scientists and medical writers.
  29. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Biotech company hiring data engineers and sales specialists with scientific know-how.
  30. Tricida: Pharmaceutical company hiring executive positions.
  31. TTEC: Business consulting services hiring network engineers and technical support representatives.
  32. UnitedHealth Group: Health insurance provider hiring care nurses and V.A. adjacent roles.
  33. Upwork: Online freelance marketplace company hiring executive positions.
  34. Vocovision: Remote therapy practice hiring teachers and doctors.
  35. Williams-Sonoma: Home decor company looking to add customer service representatives to its rankings.

As you can see, the market may look grim, but there are still plenty of places hiring. Make sure to pick a role that fits your unique skills, and be prepared to give it your all once you start.

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