People love cafes for many reasons. For starters, they offer a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for catching up with friends or getting some work done. They also provide a place to unwind and relax while sipping on delicious coffee or tea.

Cafes also often have a variety of snacks and pastries to indulge in. They offer a place to quietly work. Additionally, cafes are great for people-watching and provide a sense of community that's hard to find elsewhere. Overall, cafes are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In Lafayette, there's no shortage of great, relaxing places that offer a great vibe and some pretty solid food and drinks. In today's list, we're looking for locally-owned establishments that offer a unique menu and atmosphere. Here are just five (of many) coffee shops here in Lafayette that offer just what we're looking for.

Rêve Coffee Labs

The locally established Rêve Coffee Labs in River Ranch, and the flagship roastery in Downtown Lafayette, offer some fantastic coffee and a nice atmosphere. In fact, it's some of the best coffee you can find in town because of all this, according to reviews.

According to a review on TripAdvisor, Rêve is "such a quaint little coffee shop with amazing coffees, best staff ever, incredible breakfast and pastries to include homemade pop tarts and soufflés, very biker and pet friendly!!! They brew all of their own syrups in house...a must stop if in Lafayette!!!"

There are three locations in Lafayette - Downtown, River Ranch, and UL's campus.

Black Cafe

Another staple of Downtown Lafayette, Black Cafe is one of the most highly-reviewed cafes in the area. They offer a variety of unique foods and, after a recent remodel, a nice place to relax amid the bustle of the downtown area.

On Yelp, one fan of their scotch eggs and beignets wrote "I love this place and the people who serve there: good crowd, good coffee, and good food." On TripAdvisor, another wrote that "The staff is super friendly and seem to really love what they do."

Jet Coffee

"Seriously, intense coffee for a great price," one review notes - extremely accurately. Jet Coffee has locations in Lafayette and Broussard, and they serve a lot of coffee fans looking for something new and definitely not of the usual corporate coffee chain variety. Those who have gone can't help but praise the coffee and the service.

On Yelp, one enthusiastic fan says "this will be a regular stop when passing thru Lafayette in the future." And another says "Best coffee, best snacks, best atmosphere, and hands down best people."

Johnston Street Java

A longtime favorite of several Lafayette locals, and one of the few local coffee shops outside of Downtown Lafayette, Johnston Street Java is a quality spot for you to check out. It's also ideally located on Johnston Street and able to accommodate pretty good traffic.

"Great locally owned coffee house," one fan wrote, noting that they "have everything Starbucks or CC's have but friendly, down-home feel." Another added that they like to meet people there "for a quick meeting or to get together with friends for a coffee and good conversation."

Carpe Diem Cafe & Wine Bar

This establishment in Downtown Lafayette, Carpe Diem Cafe & Wine Bar offers a variety of treats - from coffee and, yes, wine to gelatos and other sweets - that keeps fans coming back.

"Pastries, gelato, crepes, coffee, wine, cheese... Carpe Diem has them all," one fan wrote on TripAdvisor. "And they excel at them: good-quality ingredients are combined with the utmost care put in all their confections, whether sweet or savory, spongy or fluid."

Good Coffee, Good Times

Like always, this is in no way a complete list. We fully expect readers to add their input. Check out our Facebook Page and let us know which of these cozy cafes is your favorite, and definitely let us know if there's one we missed and need to try!

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