It's back to school time in Acadiana! As we run around getting everything our kids need, there are a few things that used to make us excited about back to school that today's students will never have the chance to enjoy.

Clearly, things change as the years go by when it comes to school policies and what is acceptable. Many things that are now big no-nos were some of the things that got me excited to start school.




    Crown Royal Bag

    There was nothing cooler than keeping your pencils, pens, and erasers in a purple drawstring Crown Royal bag. However, I guess a 3rd grader toting around a whiskey bag just isn't the best idea, especially in 2019.

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    Seeing How Classmates Changed Over the Summer

    When I was in school, I didn't see most of the kids I went to school with for the entire Summer. Partly because I didn't have any friends, but mainly because social media and smartphones didn't exist. These days, students are constantly all over Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other forms of social media. When you're growing up, you can do quite a bit of it over the Summer months. Kids today have constant access to each other through social media and smartphones, so there's never really that big shock seeing how much everyone has changed the 1st day of school.

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    Paper Book Covers

    Remember how important and fun paper book covers were? I went to a small private school, so it was mandatory all of our hardcover books had book cover so they could last as long as possible. Sometimes paper bags came in pretty handy as an emergency book cover. Most schoolwork is done on computers now, and the books students do have are all paperback. The first week of school after you got your books and had them all covered with fresh new book covers was enough to make you actually want to do homework. Then the book covers would get torn up and you just wouldn't care as much...or maybe that was just me.

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    Cigar Box To Keep Pencils In

    Much like the Crown Royal bag mentioned above, having a cigar box to keep your pencils, pens, and erasers in was just as exciting. The added bonus was the sound that was made when you picked it up off of your desk and everything in it started knocking around. Obviously, like the Crown Royal bag, we can't let kids walk around with these promoting tobacco use.

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    Shopping For Back To School Clothes

    Although I wore a uniform through 8th grade, when I got to High School I got to experience the joy of shopping for clothes to wear to school. It was always the single most important thing any student would do before school started. Acadiana schools have a uniform policy obviously, so this is something my kids have never had the chance to enjoy, or rather agonize over for days and days. As a parent of three, I am very much OK with uniforms!